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Loan Information

The world of mortgages can be very frustrating and confusing because there are literally thousands of programs available to homeowners.

loan-infoEvery day you are offered new options. Being a homeowner, your home is your biggest asset; it is often times your biggest liability as well. So we are committed to finding out what your needs are, and then finding the loan that makes the most sense. After all, it makes sense to have as much information as possible when making a decision about your home mortgage. In order to help educate you, we have provided a brief overview of some of the most popular loan programs. The information contained in these pages are just brief descriptions and might not be exactly what you were looking for. The best way to find a program that best suits your needs is to contact us directly; we make it easy to receive a free no-obligation review. And remember, if this is not the best time for you to refinance or purchase a home we will let you know. We will also let you know why and what can be done in order to fulfill your needs.

For a better understanding of the different mortgage terminology that you will find throughout this site please see our glossary of mortgage terms.

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